ISKRA Zascite Co.

  • Country: Slovenia
  • Establishment : 1989

Iskra Zascite company is one of the leading manufacturers fighting equipment Surge in Europe and also world-wide to protect electrical and electronic equipment in industrial, residential applications, power and pride of the Slovenian company. With experienced R & D team with 140 employees, the company has to consider economic measures to satisfy employer. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Iskra in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including surge arrester and Surge and Lightning Counter .

ISKRA Zascite Products

  • Surge and Lightning Counter ProLEC Basic Iskra
  • ProLEC Basic is the first in line of the new lightning current sensors family. ProLEC device is installed directly on lightning down conductor. It is made to withstand currents up to 100kA (10/350). By installing ProLEC on a building's lightning protection system , we gain the knowledge of frequency and time/date of atmospheric discharges that affected the object. Preventive or maintenance measures can be taken accordingly, depending on information gained from the counter.
  • Surge and Lightning Counter ProSEC II+ Iskra
  • ProSEC II+ is a surge counter with an extra function . Beside surge number count it also logs hour and date for each surge counted. it can be used for cooperation with insurance companies.
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Contact information of ISKRA Zascite


  • Stegne 23A, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

  • +386 1 5003 100

  • +386 1 5003 100

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