Chauvin Arnoux Company

Country: FranceYear: 1893

In 1893 Raphael CHAUVIN and René ARNOUX joined together to found CHAUVIN ARNOUX. 120 years later, the adventure continues and the firm is now the parent company of the CHAUVIN ARNOUX Group, specialized in the measurement of electrical and physical quantities. Designing, manufacturing and commercializing measuring instruments has been our core business for more than a century, allowing professionals to check and test the reliability, safety and efficiency of electrical distribution systems and the equipment connected to them, on a daily basis. Chauvin Arnoux can be set from the following companies mentioned in the following companies: -Enerdis (Fixed equipment for measurment and testing of electrical networks , energy management and optimization systems) -PYRO controle(Temprature sensors for industrial environments and control loops) -Manumesure (Metrology and regulatory testing) The production of this french company are described blow : 1-Accessories 1-1 BNC leads and accessories 1-2 Banana leads and accessories 1-3 Soft cases - Bags - Hard cases and casings 2-Accessories for oscilloscopes 2-1 Differential probes 2-2 Voltage probes 3-Adapters for multimeters and multimeter clamps 4- Analyser oscilloscopes with remote interface 4-1 Logic analysis - bus decoding probes 4-2 SCOPEin@BOX digital oscilloscopes 5-Benchtop analogue oscilloscopes 6-Benchtop digital oscilloscopes 7- Power on and off Cable locator 8-Calibrators 8-1 Laboratory calibrators 8-2 Portable calibrators 9- Current clamps and sensors 9-1 AmpFlex® flexible sensors 9-2 B Series AC clamps 9-3 C Series AC clamps 9-4 D Series AC clamps 9-5 E Series AC/DC clamps 9-6 K Series AC/DC clamps 9-7 MINI Series AC clamps 9-8 MN Series AC clamps 9-10 MiniFlex® flexible sensors 9-11 PAC Series AC/DC clamps 9-12 Y Series AC clamps 10-Earth and resistivity testers 10-1 Accessories 10-2 Earth clamps 10-3 Stake-method and selective testers 10-4 Stake-method testers 11- Electrical installation testers 11-1 Bi-function 11-2 Multi-function 11-3 Phase rotation Motor direction 12-Electrical testers 12-1 Voltage absence testers (VATs) 12-2 Voltage testers 13- Electrochemical Measurements 14- Electromagnetic field testers 14-1 HF electric fields 14-2 LF electric and magnetic fields 15-Insulation testers 15-1 10 kV and 15 Kv 15-2 Telecom - Electronics 15-3 Up to 1,000 V 15-4 Up to 5,000 V 16- Laboratory instruments 16-1 Benchtop digital multimeters 16-2 Function generators 16-3 Laboratory power supplies 16-4 Spectrum analysers 17-Loggers 17-1 Current 17-2 Multi-channel Power & Energy 17-3 Temperature - Process 17-4 Voltage 17-5 Voltage-Current 18- Machine and equipment testers 18-1 Battery testers 18-2 Machine - Switchboard testers 18-3 Transformer and winding testers 19- Micro-ohmmeters 20-Multimeter clamps 20-1 AC multimeter clamps 20-2 AC/DC multimeter clamps 20-3 Clamps with flexible sensor 20-4 Digital clamps 20-5 Leakage current clamps 20-6 Wattmeter and harmonics clamps 20-7 Wattmeter clamps 21- Multimeters 21-1 Analogue multimeters 21-2 Analogue-digital multimeters 21-3 Digital multimeters 21-4 Ex / ATEX 21-5 Graphic recorder multimeters 21-6 IP6x ا IP6x multimeters 21-7 TRMS ا TRMS digital multimeters 22- SMD component testers 23- Physical and environmental measurements 23-1 Contact thermometers 23-2 Gas detectors 23-3 Luxmeters 23-4 Manometers 23-4 Multi-function 23-5 No-contact thermometers 23-6 Sound-level meters 23-7 Tachometers 23-8 Temperature sensors 23-9 Thermo-anemometers 23-10 Thermo-hygrometers 23-11 Thermographic cameras 24- Portable oscilloscopes with isolated channels 24-1 20/40MHz - 2 channels - Handscope 24-2 40/200 MHz - 2/4 channels - Scopix 40/200 24-3 Probix accessories 25- Power, energy and disturbance analysers 25-1 Power & energy quality analysers 25-2 Qualistar power & energy quality Analyser 25-3 Wattmeters 26- Processing and analysis software - Dataview 27- Products for education and training 27-1 Cosphimeters 27-2 Current shunts 27-3 Decade boxes 27-4 Demonstration and simulation cases 27-5 Microwave training benches 27-6 Single-function analogue testers 27-7 Training oscilloscopes 28- RF wattmeters-reflectometers 29- Solar panel testers 30- Telecom / network testers Borna niroo karan (Bornika) company has the exclusive representative of the French company CHAUVIN ARNOUX in Iran on buying, selling, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and measuring appliances as well as subsidiaries the company operates.

Chauvin Arnoux Products

Three phase line reactor

AC line reactors are added to the input of the drive and placed in series with the incoming line. They help to mitigate harmonics and because they are between the line and the drive, they are able to act as a buffer for surges and other transients. The intended purpose of a line reactor is not to offer high levels of surge protection and, if greater protection is desired, a dedicated protective device is a much better solution.

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Active Filter

ECOsine harmonic Active filter represents an economical solution to the challenge of load-applied harmonics mitigation in three-phase power systems.The active filter instantly adapts to all changes in the load and the systems harmonic content spectrum, in order to be able to optimally respond at any time.

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High Voltage Harmonic Filter

Full Performance High Voltage Harmonic Filter uses for high voltage diode and thyristor rectifiers. High Voltage Full Performance Filter of schaffner company are suitable for harmonic elimination in electrical systems that they have fast variable loads with high dynamic behavior .

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Compact filtered power entry module

The FN 280 power entry module combines an IEC inlet, a mains filter with single or dual- fuse holder and a 2-pole rocker switch in a small form factor. Choosing FN 280 product line brings you the rapid availability of a standard filter associated with the necessary safety acceptances. Standard IEC connector filters are a practical solution helping you to pass EMI system approval in a short time. A wide selection on amperage ratings, fuse options, mounting possibilities and filters for medical applications are designed to offer you the desired solution.

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Passive Filter

FN 3416 (50 Hz) models of the ECOsine product family represent the very compact “economy line” with a THID performance of ≤10 % (with Ldc). They are ideal for non-linear three-phase equipment with B6 rectifier front-end that do not require the industry leading <5 % THID performance provided by Schaffner ECOsine.

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Enclosed High Power Filter

Schaffner ECOsine filter cabinets (Filters for diode rectifiers) can be applied to virtually any kind of power electronics with front-end six-pulse rectifiers, where harmonic current distortion needs to be reduced to defined limits. The compact filter cabinets can be easily commissioned and quickly installed into extisting designs without requiring an in-depth system analysis or highly trained specialists.

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Three Phase Passive Filter

Schaffner ECOsine harmonic filters represent an economical solution to the challenge of load-applied harmonics mitigation in three-phase power systems. With a plug-and-play approach and more compact dimensions than comparable products, they can be quickly installed and easily commissioned. They increase the reliability and service life of electric installations, help utilize electric sytem capacity better, and are the key to meet Power Quality standards such as IEEE 519.

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General Purpose EMI Filter

General Purpose EMI Filter produced by Scahffner company are designed for easy and fast chassis mounting. FN 2010 filters are also available as B versions without Y-capacitors for medical applications as well as A version with low capacitance for safety critical applications with necessity for low leakage.

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IEC C13 Rewireable Connector for individual Power Cord with Locking System

IEC C13 Rewireable Connector produced by Schaffner company is versatile with IEC standards and it is suitable for EMC/EMI filters. The locking system has a tensile force of typical 300N. It is recommended to use it with flange mount filters.

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Multi-stage General Purpose EMI Filter

Multi-stage General Purpose EMI Filter produced by Scahffner company are designed for easy and fast chassis mounting. FN 2010 filters are also available as B versions without Y-capacitors for medical applications as well as A version with low capacitance for safety critical applications with necessity for low leakage.

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