• Country: Germany
  • Establishment : 1935

DOLD Co. Experience of more than half a century.Your partner for control, switching and monitoring. A pioneer in the production of Switchgear, E. Dold & Söhne KG is one of the leading European manufacturers and is certified to ISO 9001. The precision manufacture of Dold products is in keeping with the best of Black Forest traditions. products: 1-Relay modules 1-1-Safety devices 1-1-1-Emergency stop modules 1-1-2-Safety gate monitoring 1-1-3-Light barrier controlers 1-1-4-Two-hand control modules 1-1-5-Safety mat modules 1-1-6-Extension / delay time / interface modules 1-1-7-Standstill / speed monitoring 1-1-8-Multifunctional safety solutions 1-1-9-Wireless Safety 1-2-Monitoring devices 1-2-1-Insulation monitors 1-2-2-Equipment for insulation fault location 1-2-3-Residual current monitors 1-2-4-Measuring relays 1-2-5-Fault annunciators 1-3-Power electronics 1-3-1-Semiconductor relays/-contactors 1-3-2-Softstarters 1-3-3-Motor brake relays 1-3-4-Reversing contactors 1-3-5-Speed controller 1-3-6-Multifunctional motor control unit 1-4-Control devices 1-4-1-Timers 1-4-2-Interface-/ Switching relays 1-4-3-Power supply units 1-4-4-CANopen PLC 1-4-5-CANopen I/O modules 1-5-Installation electronics 1-5-1-Remote control switches 1-5-1-Specific installation devices 1-5-1-Time switches MINITIMER 2-Safety switch and trapped key interlock system 2-2-Safety switch 2-3-Safety switch with locking 2-4-Mechanical units 2-5-Mechanical units with electrical monitoring 2-6-Mechanical units with electrical release 2-7-Command devices 2-8-Individual modules 2-9-Accessories 3-PCB relays 3-1-Relays with forcibly guided contacts 3-2-PCB relays 3-3-Power miniature relays 4-Enclosures 4-1-Switch cabinet enclosures 4-1-1-KS 4400 4-1-2-KO 4300 4-1-3-K 70 4-1-4-KO 4030 4-1-5-KO 4000 4-1-6-KO 4070 4-1-7-KO 4900 4-2-Distribution enclosures 4-2-1-KU 4000 4-2-1-KU 4100 | 4500 4-3-In-Rail-Bus Borna niroo karan company (Brnika) is Exclusive Representative of Dold , in the purchase, sales, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment and measurement equipment, including protection and control relays, PCB relay and so is active .

Contact information of DOLD


  • Postfach 1251 D-78114 Furtwangen/Germany

  • +49-(0)-7723-6540

  • +49-(0)-7723-654356

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