• Country: Denmark
  • Establishment : 1933

Established in Denmark in 1933, today DEIF is a global supplier of green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralised power production, marine & offshore and wind turbines. The DEIF Group has sales offices, competence centres and training facilities in seventeen keys markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and distributors in an additional 35 countries and territories. Products: 1-Diesel 1-1-Diesel Controllers 1-1-1-Independent Power Producers 1-1-2-Critical Power 1-1-3-Rental 1-1-4-Engine & Genset OEMs 1-2-Synchronisation & Load Sharing 1-3-Protection 1-4-Switchboard Equipment 1-4-1-Transducers 1-4-2-Analogue Meters 1-4-3-Multi-Instruments 1-4-4-Insulation Monitoring 1-4-5-Battery Chargers 1-4-6-Current Transformers 1-4-7-Running Hours Counters 1-5-Plant Design, Commissioning & Monitoring 2-Gas 2-1-Gas Controllers 2-1-1-Biogas 2-1-2-Landfill Gas 2-1-3-Natural Gas 2-2-Synchronisation & Load Sharing 2-3-Protection 2-4-Switchboard Equipment 2-4-1-Transducers 2-4-2-Analogue Meters 2-4-3-Multi-Instruments 2-4-4-Insulation Monitoring 2-4-5-Battery Chargers 2-4-6-Current Transformers 2-4-7-Running Hours Counters 2-5-Plant Design, Commissioning & Monitoring 3-Hydro 3-1-Hydro Controllers 3-1-1-Francis 3-1-2-Kaplan 3-1-3-Pelton/Turgo 3-1-4-Archimedes Screw 3-1-5-Water Level Control 3-2-Synchronisation & Load Sharing 3-3-Protection 3-4-Switchboard Equipment 3-4-1-Transducers 3-4-2-Analogue Meters 3-4-3-Multi-Instruments 3-4-4-Insulation Monitoring 3-4-5-Battery Chargers 3-4-6-Current Transformers 3-4-7-Running Hours Counters 3-5-Plant Design, Commissioning & Monitoring 4-Marine & Offshore 4-1-Engine & Genset Controllers 4-1-1-Power Management 4-1-2-Paralleling & Operation 4-1-3-Synchronisation 4-1-4-Stand-alone 4-1-5-Protection 4-1-6-Design and Monitoring Tools 4-2-Bridge Instrumentation 4-2-1-Illuminated Indicators 4-2-2-Anemometers 4-2-3-Sensors and Rudder Angle Transmitters 4-3-Switchboard Equipment 4-3-1-Transducers 4-3-2-Alarm Panel 4-3-3-Analogue Meters 4-3-4-Multi-Instruments 4-3-5-Insulation Monitoring 4-3-6-Battery Chargers 4-3-7-Current Transformers 4-3-8-Running Hours Counters 4-4-Acoustic 5-Hybrid 5-1-Hybrid Controllers 5-2-HMI & Remote Monitoring 5-3-Switchboard Equipment 5-4-Plant Design and Commissioning Bornika is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consulation, sales and distribution of power industry products and Switchboard Equipment,marine & offshore, gas, hydro, diesel ,... is active.

DEIF Products

  • Selectable Insulation Monitor
  • Selectable Insulation Monitor produced by DEIF company is used for supervision of the insulation resistance between an insulated voltage distribution network (IT network) and earth cable/safety cable. The instrument is applicable in conjunction with single phase networks and 3-phase networks with/without neutral for phase to phase voltages up to 690V AC. This type of insulation measurement is only carried out on AC networks where the neutral/star point of the generator or supply transformer is not earthed. An AC or DC auxiliary voltage is required for the in- strument. This may be selected independently of the monitored network, or the SIM-Q can be supplied by the monitored network; max. voltage for the supply is 480V. If the SIM-Q is supplied from a separate voltage source, the network can also be monitored in stand-by condition.
  • Insulation monitor
  • The ADL-111Q96/24VDC, ADL-111Q96/110VDC or ADL-111Q96/220VDC is used for supervision of the insulation resistance between an insulated voltage distribution network (IT network) and earth cable/ safety cable. The instrument is applicable in conjunction with DC networks of 24 Vdc, 110 Vdc or 220 Vdc. The ADL-111Q96/xxVDC can be used for marine installations and other types of insulated voltage networks, e.g. DC manoeuvre voltages of transformer stations. The ADL-111Q96/xxVDC can be used for marine installations and other types of insulated voltage networks, e.g. DC manoeuvre voltages of transformer stations.
  • Electromechanical Hours Counter
  • Electromechanical Hours Counter type HC 36/24 are applied for indication of the operating time (running hours) of all electrically driven machines and devices, e.g. electric motors, electric furnaces, central heating boilers, rectifiers. As the HC 36/24 is connected in parallel to the electric circuit of the equipment to be monitored, its counter only runs when the equipment is started. The HC 36/24 is CE-marked for residential, commercial and light industry plus industrial environment.
  • Operating Hours Counter
  • Hour meters HC48 are designed for the determination and monitoring of operating time, warranty period and maintenance intervals on electrically driven machines and devices, mainly in mechanical processing, woodworking, textile and paper industry, on central heating boilers, electrical furnaces, power drives and rectifiers, and so on. Hour meters are connected in parallel to the control circuit behind the start gear, thus working only during the operation of a machine or device.
  • Measuring Transformer
  • Part of DEIF’s current transformer range, the measuring transformers convert high current to lower nominal current value, thus making it possible to use instruments and relays with standardised values of rated current. DEIF offers 41 different physical sizes of the measuring transformers.
  • Power Current Transformer
  • The PCT is a combined transformer with both a voltage and a current output for DIN mounting.It decreases mounting space, minimises the numbers of connections on the terminals, and this reduces mounting costs.A fuse is directly mounted on the priamary conductor which gives a short unprotected part of the terminal and results in high reliability.
  • Primary winding current transformer
  • Based on the physical operating principle of current transformers, the required core volume transferring an amount of power, increases rapidly with a decreasing nominal current. As there are limits on increasing the transformer size, Primary winding current transformer are being used. Primary Winding Transformer, WSK, is the perfect choice for low currents in the range 1 A to 100 A.
  • Split Core Current Transformer
  • The compact SCT split-core current sensor from DEIF is especially designed for retrofitting on existing installations. The SCT series is supplied with color coded leads. The accuracy class 3 or 1 for all these CT’s is perfect for high accurate current measurements.Correct closing of the current sensor is guaranteed by a distinct sound of a “click”.
  • Split Core Transformer
  • DEIF’s split-core current transformers are cost-saving and easy-to-install units for responsible and efficient energy management solutions and for retrofitting existing installations. Because the split-core transformers can be mounted with a click and without interrupting the power supply, installation is smooth and executed in no time. KBU is the ideal split core transformer for retrofit projects where DEIF covers the range from 100 A to 5,000 A.
  • Protection current transformer
  • Protection current transformers are for the control of protecting relays which have the task to separate switched circuits in the event of over current. For a save function of these relays a proportional transfer ratio of the transformer up to a multiple of the nominal current is necessary. the protection transformers are used for overcurrent and earth fault protection in balanced protection systems. DEIF offers 15 different physical sizes of the protection transformers.The housing of the transformers is made of impact-resistant thermoplastic to ensure a highly reliable quality. The terminals of the transformers are protected by a cover.
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Contact information of DEIF


  • Frisenborgvej 33, 7800 Skive, Denmark

  • +45 9614 9614

  • +45 9614 9614

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