Fire Protection Systems ( BSS )

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Fire Protection Systems ( BSS )

Fire Protection Systems (BSS), are equipment which prevent the spread of fires to other parts of the building. Applying of BSS are increasing . Insulation systems reliably seal the ceiling and wall penetrations required for installations against fire and smoke. Fire Protection Systems (BSS) for achieving to below protection aims are produced: 1) Maintenance of the fire sections: The division of building into fire sections protects unaffected building sections against the spread of fires for specific periods of time. Insulation maintains the fire sections, thus limiting the spread of fire and smoke. These constructive measures protect people and property. 2) Protection of escape routes: there must be routes in buildings, which not only permit access to the building in a horizontal and vertical direction in normal situations, but which also offer the option of rescue in case of fire. Additional emergency and escape routes may also be necessary, depending on the type of building which includes: -Necessary staircases (vertical access) -Connecting rooms between the necessary stairwells and exits to the outside -Necessary corridors (horizontal access) 3)Function maintenance for electrical systems: If there is a fire, emergency and escape routes must remain usable and important technical equipment, such as emergency lighting, fire alarm systems and smoke extraction systems, continue to function. Therefore, it is essential that the power supply for these systems is specially protected. In addition, certain technical systems must support the fire brigades in fighting fires for a sufficiently long period of time. Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Fire Protection Systems (BSS), is active.


Metal fire protection duct type BSKM 0407

Metal fire protection duct type BSKM 0407 is Sheet steel duct with intumescent inner coating.

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