Lightning equipment for the implementation and installation of lightning protection systems used and the equipment includes Holder, wire connectors and Fastening holder to the tower. Lightning accessories used in lightning protection system and this equipments must have international standards and global valid as NFC17-102, IEC 61024 and UNE.

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  • Model: Holder base
  • Order code: Holder base
  • Lightning arrester Holder is solid and aluminum and length 0.5m. The base hase pipe thread frome one side and Lightning gets screwed on it.

  • Model: Cable cross clamp
  • Order code: Cable cross clamp
  • Lightning Cable cross clamp is to form of flat rectangular cube and aluminum.And two sides have screws that can be cable or conductor to pass through it.

  • Model: Connector base to tower
  • Order code: Connector base to tower
  • Lightning connector base to tower is used for connecting base of lightening to power tower.

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