Owing to their universality, miniature relays may be applied in alarm systems, as interface systems in industrial automation, power-electric systems, lighting control systems (e.g. in daylight-saving switches), staircase lighting control systems, emergency lighting control systems, time relays as their output terminals, control systems of household and catering industry equipment, and in numerous electric systems. The basic features of the miniature relays are: - wide range of coil voltages, AC and DC coils - rated contact switching currents up to 20 A (depending on the relay type) - height from 10,5 to 26 mm (depending on the relay type) - high electric strength of the insulation - possibility of mounting on PCB, SMT and in plug-in sockets . Bornika is the exclusive representative of Relpol company, in purchasing, sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment and various auxiliary relays such as miniature relays .

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