2 in 1 pointer type analogue panel meter come in 96 mm × 96 mm size. These measure frequency depending upon the application. These combine two measuring systems independent of each other. Able to measure frequencies in the range of 45 Hz to 450 Hz. Double frequency meter to measure the frequency of the two different sources are used to synchronize the two sources. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Zeigler in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Dual Frequency meters.

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  • Model: FM/2
  • Order code: FM/2 96
  • Brand:
  • Country: Germany
  • The pointer type frequency meters , 2 in 1 FM/2 96 housed in moulded polycarbonate cases are suitable for the measurement of frequencies in the range of 45 to 450 Hz.

  • Model: 2FQ
  • Order code: 2FQ96 No: 2918410920-01
  • Brand:
  • Country: Denmark
  • 2FQ double pointer frequency meter is a compact instrument with accurate and linear read-out, constructed of two moving coil instruments mounted diagonally in one house.

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