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Core Balance Current Transformer CTD-1/28 ( CBCT )

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Core Balance Current Transformer CTD-1/28 (CBCT) allow to sense the leaking currents to earth . These transformers have been designed to be coupled to the earth leakage current relays which can be used to generate the tripping signal. All active wires (phase and neutral) of the three phase or single phase lines should pass through the internal core of the transformers .The net resultant flux being zero does not induce any current in the secondary of the transformer. Thus the secondary current of the core balance current transformer when all the three phases are healthy is zero . When an earth fault occurs in one of the phases, the zero-sequence fault current which flows is not cancelled by the flux of the other two phases and hence induces a current in the secondary. Bornika is the exclusive representative of Contrel company, in purchasing , sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment including Earth Leakage RelayCore Balance Current Transformer CTD-1/28 (CBCT) .

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Download catalog file: Core Balance CTD-1/28 data sheet 623 KB

Download catalog file: Core Balance CTD-1/28 User Manual 212 KB

  • core Closed
  • Inner Diameter 28 mm
  • Approximate Weight 200 g
  • Min. Meas. Current 25mA
  • Application For using with ELR series
  • IP IP20
  • Dimensions 52.5 x 85.5 x 58 mm
More Details
  • Core Balance Current Transformer CTD-1/28 (CBCT)
  • Insulation test : 2.5kV 60sec Working temperature : -10 +60°c - with screw terminal for cross section wires 2.5 mm2
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