Schutzinger lead trolley type MHW 4050-140

MHW 4050-140

    • Model
    • MHW 4050

    • Order code
    • MHW 4050-140

    • Country
    • Germany
  • Schutzinger lead trolley type MHW 4050-140, is used for holding wires and probes in laboratory. This lead holder has 3 aluminium rectangular sections. Spacial features: -Trolley width: 50 cm -Trolley height: 140 cm -Number of plastic hooks: 45 plastic hooks in each sections. (totally 135 plastic hooks) These plastic hooks are appropriate for 4 mm measuring leads. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Schutzinger in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Lead Holders and measuring lead trolleys such as Schutzinger lead trolley type MHW 4050-140.

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