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Cable bearer type KT 9021

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    KT 9021

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Cable bearer type KT 9021, with sturdy design and high load capacity, is fixed on wall for holding wire and cables. This Cable bearer is made of white shock-resistant polystyrene (PS). Special features of KT 9021: • diameter 220 mm • height 110 mm • depth 62 mm This cable bearer has 2 levels and can be fixed on wall separately. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Schutzinger in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Lead Holders such as Schutzinger hanger type KT 9021.

  • Colour white
  • Lead Holders type semilunar
  • Material shock-resistant polystyrene (PS) for hanging up
  • Dimensions Diameter: 220 mm Height: 110 mm Depth: 62 mm
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