GAD design device installation trunking


    • Model
    • GAD UEL

    • Order code
    • 6115775

    • Country
    • Germany
  • GAD design trunking is used for design device installation. he trunking base can be completed with trunking covers in the "Swing", "Soft" or "Style" design Bornika is the exclusive agent of OBO Bettermann in the fields of consultation, sales and distribution of power industry products including rapid 80 aluminium trunking.

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swing trunking cover

soft trunking cover

style trunking cover

External Corner

swing external corner cover

soft external corner cover

Internal Corner

external corner cover, style

Internal Corner Cover, swing

intrnal corner cover, soft

intrnal corner cover, style

end piece,

adaptor cover


stabilizer plate

Joint Connector

Protective conductor connection bracket


    • material
    • aluminium

    • Colour
    • Anodised

More details
  • Type - Item No.:
  • GAD UEL - 6115 77 5
  • Refinery

  • Electronics industry

  • Power industry

  • Packaging Industry

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Automotive industry

  • Road Construction industry

  • Food industry

  • Telecommunications industry

  • Military and defense industry

  • Oil and gas industry

  • Power Plant industry

  • Panel building companies

  • Instrumentation Companies

  • Textile industry

  • Education and Laboratory industry

  • Publishing and Printing industry

  • Rubber and plastics industry

  • Manufacturing of metal products

  • Machinery and equipment industry

  • Industrial machinery, electrical appliances

  • Manufacturing of radio, television, communication devices and gauging devices

  • Measurement devices, medical and optical industry

  • Sugar industry

  • Materials and pharmaceutical products industry

  • Chemical products industry

  • The computer industry and related activities

  • Engineering services industry

  • Building industry

  • Tile and Ceramic industry

  • Cement, lime and plaster industry

  • The banking industry and credit institutions

  • Transport, warehousing and communications industry

  • Railway and subway industry

  • Meteorological industry

  • Science and Technology Education

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Automation industry

  • Photography and video recording

  • Charger, inverter and converters manufacturers

  • Cathodic protection companies

  • Transformer manufacturing companies

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