Grounding system monitor


    • Model
    • G-CHECK

    • Order code
    • G-CHECK 120V, G-CHECK 230V

    • Country
    • Spain
  • G-CHECK is the series of devices for continuous monitoring of grounding system installations in DIN rail format for panel installations. Complies with standard IEC 61010-I. Special Features: -Continuously monitoring the state of the ground connection with G-CHECK -By the method of calculating the loop resistance -The measurement system based on the earth leakage current loop resistance can be applied to the various grounding system arrangements: TT, TNS and TNC-S. -For nominal voltage ratings. Un : 230 and 120 V. -Installed in the panel, by connecting it directly to ground and setting the loop resistance thresholds. -Includes alarm function based on the value of ground (PE)

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    • Nominal Voltage
    • 120V, 230V

    • Frequency
    • 50/60Hz

    • maximum back-up fuse
    • 63A[gL]

    • Output power
    • 70VA

    • IP
    • IP20

More details
  • ordering code:
  • 77706550 , 77706500
  • Max. measurement value:
  • 500Ω
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