Converter of RS232 into RS485

PD51- aa bb c

    • Model
    • PD51

    • Order code
    • PD51- aa bb c

    • Country
    • Poland
  • PD51 converter/repeater RS-485/RS-232 interface is a digital device destined to convert the RS-232 into an RS-485 interface or the RS-485 interface into an RS-485 interface without the interference in the format and the structure of transmitted data. Owing to the use of two RS-485 interfaces galvanically separated in the PD51 converter/repeater, for the counteraction to their mutual influences, it can be also used as a repeater of industrial networks what increases the distance of transmitted information. This converter/repeater can be applied: - to connect a PC computer with industrial networks, - in applications in which it is necessary to use a PC computer with a visualisation program servicing devices equipped with an RS-485 interface, - in side-lines requiring the automatic control of the RS-485 interface transmitter, Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of LUMEL in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Converter of RS232 into RS485 products .

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    • Power Supply
    • 7...35 V d.c. or 20...24...40 V a.c./d.c. or 85...230...253 V a.c./d.c.

    • Dimensions
    • 52 x 44 x 24 mm

    • IP
    • IP40

More details
  • Ordering code:
  • Ordering Code PD51- aa bb c : aa: Supply voltage: on-rail version: 85..230..253 V a.c/d.c. : A1 20..24..40 V a.c./d.c. :A2 7..24..35 V d.c. :A3 portable version 9 V d.c. : B1 bb : Version: standard: 00 custome - made : XX c: Acceptance tests: without additional requirements 8 with an extra quality inspection certificate 7
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