Seven Segment Display

DL21- aa b

    • Model
    • DL21

    • Order code
    • DL21- aa b

    • Country
    • Poland
  • The three-colour DL21 numerical display is destined to display parameters: read out from external devices or given through RS-485. Features : - The DL21 advantage is its three-color display (green, red and orange) on which the color of displayed parameter can be freely programmed and can change depending on values set by the user. - This display panel finds a large application in office rooms, public utilities (e.g. information about temperature, humidity), production halls – information about production machine state, number of made pieces, energy consumption) etc. - The DL21 display has two RS-485 communication interfaces in MODBUS standard destined to: * connect external devices, *configure the display or introduce displayed values. - The display enables the connection of 10 external devices and to apply it as a local point of data acquisition. - The basic execution of the display includes 3 digits and a space destined to place the unit. - It is also possible to execute the display in the configuration definite by the user. Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of LUMEL in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Seven Segment Display products .

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    • Power Supply
    • - 100...230...253 V a.c. - supply frequency 40...50...60 Hz

    • Dimensions
    • 482 x 196 x42 mm

More details
  • Ordering code:
  • Ordering Code DL21-aa b : aa: Display panel execution: standard : 00 custom-made : XX b : Acceptance tests: without an extra quality inspection certificate : 8 with an extra quality inspection certificate : 7
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