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Clamp meter

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    NC10 1000A / 300A

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NC10 is destined for measurement of AC current, AC/DC voltage, temperature, resistance and capacity. Unique design of rotating clamp jaws facilitate the measurement at positions difficult to access. Features : - Backlit digital display with analog indicator. - Auto Power Off - battery saving function. - DATA Hold Function. - MIN, MAX function - recording function of min. and max. values. - NULL ZERO Correction for Resistance - for low ohm measurement, the lead resistance can be compensated by pressing the shift key (Yellow Key). - NULL ZERO Correction for Capacitance. For nF range, stray capacitance can be compensated by shift key (Yellow Key). - AUTO and MANUAL ranging modes. - Diode Measurement - for testing diode and transistors, diode measurement function is available. - Protection rate IP20. - Applicable International Safety standards - 600 V CAT IV/1000V CAT III as per International Safety standard IEC 61010-1- 2001 Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of LUMEL in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Clamp meter products .

  • Input Range DC voltage : 30mV to 1000V AC voltage : 3 to 1000V Resistance : 30 ohm to 30Mega ohm Diode : 2.000 V AC current : - NC10 1000A : 300 and 1000A - NC10 300A : 30 and 300A Temperature : - PT100 : -200 to 850C - PT1000: -100 to 850C Capacity : 30nF to 30microF Frequency : 300Hz to 100KHz
  • Power Supply 9V flat cell battery
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