Current Differential Guard


    • Model
    • KPC112x

    • Order code
    • KPC112

    • Country
    • Norway
  • KPC112E protects against phase-, earth- and winding faults within the protected area (the stator) of large AC generators. It detects even minute insulation punctures, flash-over carbon deposits and contamination. he unit measures highest up differential current from antiparallelled CTs in a Merz-Price configuration, by comparing current levels at the end of each phase winding. Special features: -Generator Stator earth fault Protection -Winding insulation Protection -"Pathfinder" function eases faultfinding -For use with 1A or 5A current transformers -Fast analogue mA output (F version) -Total processing time less than 50mS Bornika is the exclusive representative of megacon company, in purchasing , sales, consulting and distribution of industrial equipment including Current Guards AC.

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    • Power Supply
    • 24, 48 or 110VDC (Fuse 0,5A) Optional Auxiliary: 100-120V, 200-240V, 380-415V, 440-460 or 480VAC 40-70Hz (Fuse 2A)

    • Nominal input current
    • 1A CT or 5A CT

    • Contact rating
    • AC: 100VA -250V/2A max. DC: 50W -100V/1A max.

    • Output
    • Analogue outputs: Up to 20mA, max 500ohm Up to 10V, min 100kohm

    • Connection
    • -20 to +70ºC

    • Approximate Weight
    • 0.6kgs

    • IP
    • IP52 (IP65 optional)

    • Dimensions
    • 92x96x115mm