DC Voltage Meter

MA16 Ammeter/Voltmeter a b c d e f g

    • Model
    • MA16

    • Order code
    • MA16 Ammeter/Voltmeter a b c d e f g

    • Country
    • Poland
  • MA16 moving-coil meter is intended for measuring d.c. voltage or d.c. current. MA16 meter is designed for mounting into panels. Also , This meter is designed for interchangeable dials. This meter with built rectifiers can also be used for measuring a.c. voltages and a.c. currents. Features: - direct measuring ranges: I = 40µA...25A, U = 60mV...1000V, - measuring ranges with external shunts: I = 1A...15kA, - accuracy class: 1,5 -exchangeable scales Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of LUMEL in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including DC Voltage Meter products .

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Polycarbonate Glass

Panel Windows


Red Pointer Kit

Mounting Clamps

Adapter Plate

Terminal Cover / Back Cover

Different Sizes And Color Bezels


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    • Input Range
    • Direct measuring : 40 microA to 25A and signal 4 to 20mA Measuring with external shunt : 1A to 15KA Voltage : 60mV to 1000V

    • Dimensions
    • 48x48mm

    • IP
    • IP50

More details
  • Outputs:
  • Ordering Code MA16 Ammeter/Voltmeter a b c d e f g : Ammeter/Voltmeter : kind of measuring parameter a : measuring range b : shunt data if the meter is foressen to co-operate with an interchangeable shunt c : working position d : kind of climat (only for tropical versions) , eg : TIII – design and materials adapted to specific tropical klimat e : kind of holders and eventual additional requirements (screw or spring-holders) f : measuring range on the dial g : protection grade of the casting front
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