Analoge Bimetallic ammeter

BE27 , BE39- a b cccc d e f g

    • Model
    • BE27 , BE39

    • Order code
    • BE27 , BE39- a b cccc d e f g

    • Country
    • Poland
  • Analoge Bimetallic ammeter is especially intended for thermal monitoring of transformers, cables and other electrical devices which have a slow reaction to current changes. They indicate the mean rms current value during the measuring period of the meter (8 or 15 min.). These meters do not react to short current pulses essentially. Also , there is additionally a moving-iron movement fitted in the opposite corner of the meter housing to get the instantaneous reading of the load current. The range of these meters can be enlarged by means of external measuring current transformers which are also offered by LUMEL and can be delivered on request if the meter is ordered in the option enabling a direct assembling on the current transformer. Features : - direct measuring range: I = 0...1/2A, 0...5/10A - measuring range with current transformer: I = 1 A or 5 A, - accuracy class: bimetallic movement: 3 -accuracy class moving iron movement: 1.5 - fixing in the panel Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of LUMEL in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Analoge Bimetallic ammeter products .

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    • Input Range
    • Measuring ranges of the bimetallic movement : 0 to 1/1.2 A Current transformer : X/1A , X/5A

    • Dimensions
    • BE27 : 72x72x61.5 mm BE39 : 96x96x61.5 mm

    • IP
    • IP50

More details
  • Ordering code:
  • Ordering Code BE27 or BE39- a b cccc d e f g : a: Ammeter version: catalogue panel fixing version :1 custom-made version * : X b : Climatic version: catalogue : N TIII climat : T custom-made** : X cccc : Current range: write the code acc. to table 1 (e.g.F205) d : Setting time: 15 min. : 0 8 min. : 1 e : Working position: acc. to the table 2 : X f : Scale graduation and markings: catalogue (graduation acc. to the range) : 0 percentage graduation (0...120% graduation for bimetal movement ): 1 custom-made dial** : X g : Acceptance test: without additional requirements : 8 with a quality inspection certificate: 7 other requirements* : X * The code number will be given after agreement with LUMEL’s Export Dept. ** If a current transformer is needed, the customer must give the ratio
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  • Power industry

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Oil and gas industry

  • Power Plant industry

  • Panel building companies

  • Steel industry

  • Instrumentation Companies

  • Engineering services industry

  • Railway and subway industry

  • Automation industry