Multi Instrument

MIB 7000 , MIB 7000C , MIB 7020

    • Model
    • MIB

    • Order code
    • MIB 7000 , MIB 7000C , MIB 7020

    • Country
    • Denmark
  • The MIB multi-instrument is a microprocessor-based measuring unit providing measurement of most electrical quantities on a 3-phase electric energy distribution network. The measurements are shown on the built-in display. True RMS values on all 3-phase network topologies are measured with/without neutral and with both balanced and unbalanced load. The product family includes three versions: - MIB 7000 (basic) - MIB 7000C (basic + RS485 Modbus communication) - MIB 7020 (basic + 2 digital outputs) Measured and calculated values: Voltage :True RMS – each phase and line-to-line voltage. Current : Each phase, average and neutral. Active power (P) : Active, total and demand – power. Reactive power (Q) : Reactive, total and demand reactive – power. Apparent power (S) : Apparent and total apparent power. Power factor : Power factor and total power factor. Frequency : Actual frequency of L1. Load nature : L/C/R. Digital output (DO) : For alarm output or energy pulse output. Min./max. : Min./max. of voltage – max. of current and demand. Energy pulse output :Two ports of pulse output (assign to any energy and reactive energy). THD (up to 15th harmonics) :Voltage THD of each phase and total, current THD of each phase and total. Demand : Demand of each phase current, power and reactive power. Energy : Import and export of energy, inductive and capacitive of reactive energy. Alarm : Alarm can be related to any metering parameters. Running hour :Meters the duration of the operation. Unbalance factor : Voltage and current. Features : - 1- or 3-phase TRMS measurements - Voltage inputs 690 L-L AC - Accuracy: 0.5 or 1.0 - RS485 Modbus communication (optional) - Digital outputs for alarm and energy (optional) - Supply voltage : 100 to 300V DC , 100 to 415V AC 50/60 Hz Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Multi Instrument products .

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    • Nominal Voltage
    • L-N 400V AC L-L 690V AC Measuring range 0 to 1.2 x UN

    • Nominal Current
    • 1 or 5A AC Measuring range 0 to 1.2 x IN

    • Overload capability
    • Voltage : 2 x UN continuously 2500V for 1s Current : 10A continuously 100A for 1s

    • Frequency
    • Nominal frequency fN 50/60Hz Measuring range 45Hz to 65Hz Measuring point V1 phase voltage

    • Accquracy
    • Voltage 0.5% of range Current 0.5% of range Power 1.0% of reading Power factor 1.0% of range Frequency 0.5% of range Energy 1.0% of range Harmonic 2.0% of range

    • Power Supply
    • 100…415V AC +/-10% 50/60Hz/100…300V DC

    • IP
    • Front IP52 (EN 60529) Rear IP30 (EN 60529)

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  • Ordering code:
  • Ordering Code MIB 7000 : 690V AC (L-L) 5A ,No digital output Ordering Code MIB 7000C: 690V AC (L-L) 5A ,No digital output , RS485 Modbus communication Ordering Code MIB 7020 : 690V AC (L-L) 5A , 2 digital outputs
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