DEIF Multi Instrument

MIC 4002 , MIC 4224

    • Model
    • MIC

    • Order code
    • MIC 4002 , MIC 4224

    • Country
    • Denmark
  • The MIC multi-instrument is a microprocessor-based measuring unit providing measurement of all electrical quantities on a 3-phase electric energy distribution network. The measurements are shown on the built-in display. The MIC also has an RS485 interface that supports data exchange with a control system via Modbus RTU. The MIC product family includes two versions: • MIC 4002 (basic) • MIC 4224 (additional functionality) The MIC measures true RMS values on all 3-phase network topologies with/without neutral and with both balanced and unbalanced load. Measured and calculated values : Voltage (phase-neutral) : Actual voltage of each phase and average voltage. Voltage (phase to phase) : Actual voltage of each line and average voltage. Current : Actual current of each phase, average current and neutral current. Active power : Actual active power of each phase and total power. Reactive power : Actual reactive power of each phase and total reactive power. Apparent power : Actual apparent power of each phase and total apparent power. Power factor : Actual power factor of each phase and system average power factor. Frequency : Actual frequency of L1. Power quality :Voltage/current unbalance factor, total harmonics distortion of voltage/current of each phase and total harmonics distortion of average voltage/current. Energy counter :The MIC has 8 counters: Export/import kWh, export/import kVArh, absolute sum of export/import kWh, algebraic sum of export/import kWh, absolute sum of export/import kVArh, algebraic sum of export/import kVArh. Statistics data :Max./min. values of voltage, current, total power, total reactive power, total apparent power, power demand, power factor and frequency. Running hour : Meters the duration of the operation. Real time clock : Date and time. Features: - 3-phase TRMS measurements - Voltage inputs 400 L-L AC - Accuracy: 0.2 or 0.5 - RS485 Modbus communication - Digital input - Relay and digital outputs (optional) Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including DEIF Multi Instrument products .

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    • Nominal Voltage
    • Ph-N 230V AC Ph-Ph 400V AC Measuring range: 10…480V AC

    • Nominal Current
    • 5A AC Measuring range 0 to 1.2 x IN

    • Overload capability
    • Voltage : 2 x UN continuously 2500V for 1s current : 10A continuously 100A for 1s

    • Frequency
    • Nominal frequency fN 50/60Hz Measuring range 45Hz to 65Hz Measuring point V1 phase voltage

    • Accquracy
    • Ph-N voltage : 0.2% of range Ph-Ph voltage : 0.2% of range Ph current : 0.2% of range Frequency : 0.2% of reading Neutral current : 0.5% of range Active power : 0.5% of range Reactive power : 0.5% of range Apparent power : 0.5% of range Power factor : 0.5% of range Active energy : EN 61036 class 1 Reactive energy : EN 61268 class 2 Demand power : 1.0% of range THD : 1.0% of reading

    • Power Supply
    • Supply voltage: 24…48, 100…280V DC 85…264V AC 50/60Hz

More details
  • Ordering code:
  • Ordering Code MIC 4002 : 400V Ph-Ph, 5A, no relay output, no digital output, 2 digital inputs Aux. supply: 100-280V DC/85-264V AC Ordering Code MIC 4224 : 400V Ph-Ph, 5A, 2 relay outputs, 2 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs Aux. supply: 100-280V DC/85-264V AC
  • Response time:
  • Metering data 300ms Power quality 3s
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