Bipolar insulation guard for non-grounded DC network


    • Model
    • KPM169

    • Order code
    • KPM169x

    • Country
    • Norway
  • The digitally controlled KPM169 monitors insulation level between a non-grounded (IT) battery or live DC network and its protective earth. Only ONE KPM169x can be connected to the same DC-system. An AC or DC (standard) auxiliary voltage is required for the unit. A green LED indicates AUX POWER on. Start of monitoring function is delayed when auxiliary power is switched on (default 2 secs delay). In this way false tripping during power up, caused by initial charging of network spread capacitance, is avoided. Features: -Direct connection 12 to 48 VDC systems, up to 1600VDC with RH adapter -Precision reading unaffected of system voltage -All inputs and outputs fully isolated -Triple-zone insulation monitoring and Supervision relay -"Pathfinder" function eases faultfinding -Response time: 125-165mS -Indicates polarity of dominant earth fault -Analogue output proportional to meter reading (F/L-version) Borna niroo karan company (Brnika) is Exclusive Representative of Megacon , in the purchase, sales, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment and measurement equipment, including Insulation Monitoring and so is active .

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    • Power Supply
    • 100-120, 200-240, 380-415 or 440-460VAC, 40-70Hz (Fuse 0.5A) 12-24, 48 or 110VDC (Fuse 2A)

    • Contact rating
    • AC: 100VA - 250V/2A max. DC: 50W - 100V/1A max.

    • Output
    • Analogue Output:(F-versions) Up to 20mA, max 500R Up to 10V, min 100kohm

    • Operating Temperature
    • -20 to +70ºC

    • Approximate Weight
    • 0.62kg

    • IP
    • IP52 (IP65 optional)

More details
  • scale description :
  • The ohmmeter and the triple-zone status LEDs give at a glance the clear safetymessage: -ALARM(red zone) -WARNING(yellow zone) -HEALTHY(green zone )
  • High Voltage Adaptors (RHx) for KPM169Kx/Lx series:
  • RH2 (60VDC to 200VDC) RH4 (200VDC to 400VDC) RH8 (400VDC to 800VDC) RH12 (800VDC to 1200VDC) RH16 (1200VDC to 1600VDC)
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