DC earth fault monitoring


    • Model
    • ISOPAK2

    • Order code
    • ISOPAK2x

    • Country
    • Norway
  • Earth faults arisewhen insulation levels decrease and residual current (earth current) flows fromone ormore of the network conductors to ground.The purpose of ISOPAK2xx is to selectively address level and polarity of earth faults in live battery and DCpower supply networks. An intelligent highest up function highlights the highest level of hazard in the system and only alerts the operator when conditions for an impending danger are present. The LED bargraph meter continuously displays the earth current of the highest channel in the system at any time, as a percentage of the channel's set trip level. special features: -24 channel earth leakage monitoring of LIVE 6 to 60VDC networks -Tailored to any current range in up to 4 network systems -Reads each channel's leakage current 0 to 100mA -"Pathfinder" function displays polarity of earth leakage -Set and view parameters on unit screen -Healthy / Warning / Alarm C/O relay outputs -"Highest up" 4-20mA signal & RS-485 Modbus RTU outputs Borna niroo karan company (Brnika) is Exclusive Representative of Megacon , in the purchase, sales, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment and measurement equipment, including earth fault monitoring is active .

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Communication cable

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    • Auxiliary voltage supply
    • 24-240V universal AC or DC

    • Input Range
    • Individual channel measuring range: 30, 100, 300, 500mA

    • Output Current
    • Analogue output:4-20mA

    • Connection
    • RS485 Modbus RTU

    • Operating Temperature
    • Temperature:-20 to +54ºC

    • Dimensions
    • ISOPAK200 (standard) 157 x 95 x 78mm ISOPAK200W(optional) 157 x 95 x 65mm ISOVIEW200 (optional)157 x 95 x 58mm MML204 70 x 95 x 58mm SAG204/V1 156 x 46 x 60mm SAG204/V2 91 x 82 x 70mm

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  • AG31 high sensitivity DC leakage current sensor
  • Refinery

  • Electronics industry

  • Power industry

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Road Construction industry

  • Machinery and equipment industry

  • Industrial machinery, electrical appliances

  • Manufacturing of radio, television, communication devices and gauging devices

  • Chemical products industry

  • Railway and subway industry

  • Aerospace Industry

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