Multi differential protection relay

MDR-2 No :2912500020-xx

    • Model
    • MDR-2

    • Order code
    • MDR-2 No :2912500020-xx

    • Country
    • Denmark
  • The MDR-2 differential protection relay is a micro processor based control unit containing all necessary functions for monitoring of the differential currents for a synchronous/asynchronous generator or motor (the object). Via current transformers the MDR-2 measures each phase current on both sides of the object. The current transformers determine the limits of the protection area. Any failure within these limits (2- or 3-phase short circuits or earth leaks) will be detected as an error Id: Differential currents, the currents flowing through the two current transformers of the phase in question differ, and, if a preset limit value is exceeded, a warning will be given or a tripping signal transmitted. The MDR-2 dynamic compensation curves for warning and tripping are defined by the user. The MDR-2 is a flexible and menu/PC-programmed unit, enabling the user to easily adapt the unit to the object in question. The programming procedures are password protected. Features : • Relay for generators/electric motors • 3-phase AC measurements • Dynamic compensation for ext. failures • Short response time (70 ms) • Display indicating all measurements Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Multi differential protection relay products .

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Display cable, 6 m (J2) No : 1022040057

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    • Power Supply
    • 12/24V DC

    • Input Current
    • 1 or 5A

    • Binary Input
    • Input voltage: 6...32V DC (bi-directional)

    • Overload capability
    • 4 x IN, continuously 20 x IN, 10 sec. (max. 75 A) 80 x IN, 1 sec. (max. 300 A)

    • Output relay Specifications
    • Contact rating: 5 A/250V AC

    • IP
    • Terminals: IP20 Display front: IP40

    • Frequency Range
    • 30...70 Hz

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  • Ordering Code:
  • Ordering Code MD-2 No:2912500020-xx : xx : 01 : MDR-2 with display and display cable 02 :MDR-2 with display, display cable and option C3 03 :MDR-2 with display, display cable and option C4 04 :MDR-2 without display
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