Insulation amplifier

TDG-210DG/2 No :2962880730

    • Model
    • TDG-210DG

    • Order code
    • TDG-210DG/2 No :2962880730

    • Country
    • Denmark
  • TDG-210DG is a CE-marked DC/DC amplifier with galvanic separation between input and output. TDG-210DG requires auxiliary voltage and is fed through a transformer or a 24/48/110/220 V DC inverter. It is typically used for: - Converting one type of DC signal into another DC signal - Converting potentiometer input into a DC signal -Separating a number of earthing points : If a cable is connected to earth at more than one point, a measuring error may develop or noise problems may arise if the earth potentials of these vary. -Galvanic separation of current signals : As measuring equipment connected to the current output of a transducer is connected in series, simultaneous earthing of more than one input of connected measuring equipment will result in short-circuit of theinput of intermediate measuring units. -Separation of measuring circuits - Measuring of DC shunts -Measuring of DC voltages Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Insulation amplifier products .

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    • Input Voltage
    • -10...0...10 Vdc

    • Output Current
    • 4...20 mA

    • Power Supply
    • 24Vdc

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  • Ordering code:
  • Ordering Code TDG-210DG/2 No:29628807xx-01 : xx: 20 : AC voltage aux. supply 30 : DC voltage aux. supply
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