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Selectable AC transducer

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    TAS-321DG No:2962010000-x

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TAS-321DG is a micro-controller based AC transducer with 1 analogue output for measurement of bi-directional current. The sign for current direction is based on the measured power direction. Furthermore, the transducer can be used for measurement of active power or reactive power on a 3-phase network where only 2 phases are available for the measurement. TAS-321DG can be delivered pre-configured or it can be delivered un-configured for customer configuration through the PC interface. The units in DEIF’s transducer range measure sinusoidal alternating voltage and/or current signal and provide output signal as direct current or voltage signal proportional to measurements for PL Cs, PCs, microprocessor control, indicators, alarm units etc. TAS-321DG can be configured as a normal linear transducer or with up to three slopes giving the possibility for a higher resolution in one or two ranges of the measurement. Upper and lower output limitations can also be configured. Features - Measures voltage, current, frequency, phase angle, power, reactive power or bi-directional current on AC networks - Class 0.5 measurement - Supply and measuring voltage up to 690 V - Pre-configuration or easy PC tool configuration - Non-linear output characteristics Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Selectable AC transducer products .

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  • Current Measuring Range Measuring current : 0.5...8 A Start value : -100...+67 % of end value End value : 100 % of measuring current
  • IP IP40
More Details
  • Ordering code
  • Ordering Code TAS-321DG No :2962010000-x : x : 01 and 02 : bi-directional current 03 and 04 : Power 1W2 05 and 06 : Power 1VAr2 07 and 08 : Unconfigured version
  • Overload currents
  • 20 A max., continuously 75 A max. for 10 s 240 A max. for 1 s
  • Overload voltages
  • 1.2 x Un max., continuously 2 x Un max. for 10 s
  • Load
  • Max 0.5 VA