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Selectable AC transducer

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    TAS-311DG No:2962010100-x

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TAS-311DG is a micro-controller based AC transducer with 1 analogue output for measurement of RMS voltages, RMS current, phase angle or frequency on an AC-network. TAS-311DG can be delivered pre-configured or it can be delivered unconfigured for customer configuration through the PC interface. The PC configuration software allows free choice of voltage, current, phase angle or frequency measurement including configuration of the measuring range and output range without any mechanical settings or adjustments inside the transducer. The transducer holds no mechanical moving parts like potentiometers, and the calibration stability is excellent. TAS-311DG can be configured as a normal linear transducer or with up to three slopes giving the possibility for a higher resolution in one or two ranges of the measurement. Features - Measures voltage, current, frequency, phase angle, power, reactive power or bi-directional current on AC networks - Class 0.5 measurement - Supply and measuring voltage up to 690 V - Pre-configuration or easy PC tool configuration - Non-linear output characteristics Borna Niroo Karan (Bornika) is the exclusive agent of DEIF in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Selectable AC transducer products .

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  • Voltage Measuring Range Measuring voltage : 57...690 Vac Start value : 0…67% of end value End value :100…120% of measuring voltage Connection : Star connection (UL1-N): 57 V…400 Vac Delta connection (UL1-L2): 100 V…690 Vac
  • Current Measuring Range Measuring current : 0.5...8 A Start value : 0...67% of end value End value : 100% of measuring current
  • Frequency Measuring Range Measuring range : 20 Hz...80 Hz Start value : 20 Hz...76 Hz End value : 40 Hz...80 Hz Measuring span : 4 Hz < end value - start value
  • Phase angle range measuring Measuring range : 0°…60°/360° electrical degrees Start value : -359.9°…360° End value : -359.9°…360° Measuring span : 60° < difference between start and end values <360°
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  • Ordering code
  • Ordering code TAS-311DG No:2962010100-x : x: Voltage : 01 and 02 Phase : 03 and 04 Frequency : 05 and 06 Current : 07 and 08 Unconfigured : 09 and 10.
  • Overload currents
  • 20 A max., continuously 75 A max. for 10 s 240 A max. for 1 s
  • Overload voltages
  • 1.2 x Un max., continuously 2 x Un max. for 10 s
  • Load
  • 0.5 VA max