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Load Reactor

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    RWK 305

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    RWK 305-x-x

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Load reactors are used on the output of AC Drives to reduce the effects of high motor wiring capacitance and to “soften” the dv /dt (high rates of change of voltage) applied to the motor windings. - Efficient reduction of high output voltage dv/dt from IGBT motor drives (as per DIN VDE 0530) - Restriction of over voltages caused by line reflections on motor cables (as per DIN VDE 0530) - Protection of motor coil insulation from premature aging and destruction - Significant increase of service life of electric motors - High reliability and production up time for mission critical applications - Less interference propagation towards neighboring equipment or lines Bornika is the exclusive agent of Schaffner in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Load Reactors .

  • IP IP00
  • Approximate Weight 1.2 to 66 Kg
  • Rated current 4 to 1100 Ampers
  • Nominal Inductance 0.005 to 1.47 mH
  • Motor power 1.5 to 630 kw
  • Nominal Voltage 3 x 500/288 VAC
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More Details
  • Design corresponding to
  • EN 61558-2-20 (VDE 0570-2-20), UL508C, CSA C22.2 NO.14
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage
  • 3 x 500/288 VAC
  • Overload capability
  • 2 x rated current at switch on for 30 seconds - 1.5 x rated current for 1 minute, once per hour
  • Temperature range (operation and storage)
  • -25 °C to +100 °C -25°C to +100°C
  • Ordering Codes
  • RWK 305 -x-x The first x is referred to nominal current of load reactor in A The secondt x is referred to input/output connections forms