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Induction heating capacitors FRJJS 7302/04 Series

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    FRJJS 7302/04

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    ZEZ Silko

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    Czech Republic

Water cooled power capacitors are designed for use on induction furnaces and heaters. They improve power factor or tune special furnace circuits. The capacitors are all-film dielectric which is impregnated with an environmentally friendly, non-toxic biodegradable insulation oil. They are designed as water cooled live case units (dead case on request) up to voltage 2Kv and capacity 680µF, 5724KVAr , 5026A , 10KHz compatible with IEC 60110-1;1998 EN 60110-1; 1998 Construction: -Dielectric - ALL film type -Brass sheet welded casing, paint RAL (7035) -Live case -Ambient temperature 1°C .... 50°C -Water cooling, max. outlet water temperature 35 °C -brass studs inside thread M 8 - depth 15 mm (max. torque10 Nm) or M 10 - depth 15 mm (max. torque 10 Nm) -common terminals:a) FRJJS 73xx-... - brass studs inside thread M 20x1,5(max. torque 25 Nm),b) FRJJS 76xx-... - copper studs inside thread M 8 - depth15 mm (max. torque 10 Nm) -protection degree IP 00, indoor installation -Mounting in vertical or horizontal position -Impregnation M-DBT - Jarylec (environment-friendly,non-toxic, non PCB) Borna niroo karan company (Bornika) has the exclusive representative ZEZ SILKO company in buying, selling, consulting and distribution and industrial equipment of Induction heating capacitors FRJJS 7302/04 Series is active.

  • Voltage Range 800 to 2000 V
  • Current Range 2260 to 5026 A
  • Capacitance 45 to 680 μF
  • Frequency Range 1 to 10 kHZ
  • Approximate Weight 26 to 47 kg
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