Scope Surge Arrestor Testing Equipment type SA10i


    • Model
    • SA

    • Order code
    • SA10i

    • Country
    • INDIA
  • SA 10i , Leakage Current Meter from SCOPE is state of the art on-line test system for Residual Life Assessment of metal oxide (Zno) Surge Arresters. The instrument measures and directly displays the values of resistive and total leakage current. it is capable to work accurately and safely in swithchyard upto 765kV. SA10i, a hand held Leakage Current Meter measures THRC without system harmonic compensation in accordance with IEC 60099-5 B1. Bornika is the exclusive agent of Scope company in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including TEST & MEASUREMENT .

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    • Dimensions
    • 190x129x50 mm

    • Approximate Weight
    • 1.5 kg

More details
  • features of SA10i:
  • -Simple, lightweight, portable, feature-rich, affordable. -Results are displayed on LCD, printed on thermal printer and can be stored in the in-built memory of the instrument. 1000 test records can be stored. - USB communication port to transfer data to PC having Windows based data management software. - Field Probe Current Range: Up to 10mA - Total Leakage Current Range: Up to 10mA -Temperature Sensor: Inbuilt silicon thermometer - Compensation: Automatic for Noise, System Voltage & Temperature
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