PONOVO Intelligent Relay Test kit type NF801


    • Model
    • NF

    • Order code
    • NF801

    • Country
    • China
  • NF801 is the new generation of digital relay tester. This digital relay tester is equipped with 8 optical ports, and its powerful data processing capability can achieve the full functional test of the IEC61850 devices. Support GPS\ IRIG-B\ IEEE 1588 synchronization. Features of NF801: 8 fiber optical ports for:Receiving and sending IEC61850-9-2 format SV and GOOSE message;Receiving and sending IEE1588 message;Measuring received fiber optical power Provide flexibility to configure both SV (IEC61850-9-2) and GOOSE ports independently. Each port can be configured as Receive and Send at the same time or it can be configured as Receive or Send. Can check the GOOSE communication link SV, GOOSE configure message can be saved and recall repeatedly With the IEEE1588 synchronization function, deviation of the time is less than ±80ns With GPS, IRIG-B code synchronization interface Bornika is the exclusive agent of Sprecher company in the fields of consultation , sales and distribution of power industry products including Relay tester .

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    • Input & Output available
    • 8 binary input, 8 binary output and 12 low voltage output

    • Frequency
    • sine signal: 1 ... 1000 Hz Transient signal: dc ... 10 kHz

More details
  • :
  • -Range of phase angle: 0....359.9 degree
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