Type 03 Phenol Case

03P, 03E

    • Model
    • Type 03

    • Order code
    • 03P, 03E

    • Country
    • Japan
  • Automatic Reset thermo switch types 03E and 03P are with 1/2" disc and Phenol Case. Applications of thermostat type 03P, 03E in car radiators and electric trains, applications type 03P in heater fan, electric kettle,microwave, dishwasher, CCTV and so. Special features: -SPST automatic reset -In accordance with the standards of UL, CSA, VDE, DIN -Contact open/close on temperature rise -Calibration method hot & cold air circulation system -silver-nickel alloy contacts Bornika is the exclusive agent of NGT in the fields of consulation, sales and distribution of power industry products including Automatic Reset Thermo Switch is active.

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    • Nominal Voltage
    • 03PN, 03EN: 125VAC/15A, 250VAC/10A

    • Operating Temperature
    • 0℃~ 150℃

    • Temp Tolerance
    • ±3~10℃ ※Depend on Operation Temp

    • Resistance between Terminals
    • 03PP・03EP :Less than 10mΩ(Initial value) 03PN・03EN・03PC :Less than 30mΩ (Initial value)

    • Insulation Resistance
    • Not less than 1,000MΩ/DC500V

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