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Bornika at a glance

The Borna Niroo Karan company was stablished on 1390/08/01, by relying on the experience of 40 years of commercial product based on the preparation of Reyhany Yazdi , high quality, standard and consistent with science and technology and provide after sales services principles and in accordance with customer requirements, having extensive experience, high ability, benefits from a dynamic and up to date as well as staff having the exclusive representation of the famous brands in the world, in the field of import, production and distribution of a vast and varied products in electricity field.

The company is one of the members of the electrical industry syndicate and is also one of the sponsors. The company also, is pride to be a list of vendor membership list of oil, gas, petrochemical and telecommunication.

Due to the expansion of business and technical communication and technical specialist forces and company participation in training courses abroad and enjoying the experience, ability to perform industrial projects in the fields of energy, automation and control and protection systems, as well as protection systems as well as test equipment there exists.

Bornika at a glance


  • Create an efficient and effective engineering hub of commerce
  • Obtain customer feedback to Enhance the quality of products
  • Identification of capacity and demand in the industry for offering new products
  • According to customer needs and increase their satisfaction
  • Create new spaces for technical and economic and development of them
  • Industrial investments - Commerce with respect to the advantage
Bornika Goals


  • Buying, selling, purchasing, distribution, import and sale of all goods an after sales services including: Electric and electronic components and industrial automation and instrumentation and calibration of them
  • Control systems and automation projects as well as energy and energy management systems,
  • Participation in all domestic and foreign exhibitions, collection and internal and external granting agency
  • Participation and investment in the Performance of the Industrial and commercial projects
  • Perform all activities in the field of calibration and instrumentation
  • Participation in tenders, auctions and contracts with all organizations, institutions, ministries and public and private companies, domestic and foreign
Bornika Activities


Bornika Services

Trading and sales

Given the long history of the company in importing equipment, electrical manufacturers raised and the world and participate in exhibitions around the world the ability to communicate on providing consulting services and maintenance of carpet there. Providing accurate and timely technical advice and expertise of a company identifies the customer's needs.
Technical advice of Bornika

Technical advice

For a correct guiding clients and employers, and ensure that more employers because the company providing the main tasks of the technical part of their know, the aim of this company is to provide high-quality commodity and with all the technical specifications needed for the client at the same time provide new capability. Client satisfaction with the technical data correctly, proper implementation and commissioning of the project and the speed with it.
Implementation of the project of Bornika

Implementation of the project

According to the history of the company, always in the electrical equipment and services related projects can be done by the technical group is a significant point, supplying relevant accessories and spare parts for rapid project that has special importance. The existence of interconnected technical problems cause project creators are resolved as soon as possible.

Business Horizons

  • Create an efficient and effective engineering hub of commerce
  • Enhance the quality of products to obtain customer feedback feedback
  • Identification of capacity and demand in the industry for offering new products
  • According to customer needs and increase their satisfaction
  • Create new spaces for technical and economic development of the
  • Industrial investments - Commerce with respect to the advantage
  • Due to the increasing growth of industry and technology in the world and due to the developing nature of the country, the industry shifted to look towards the development of industries is really undeniable, so this company based on their levels of development principles based on the screen.
  • The company's management, beliefs, ideals, dreams and their preferences in the form of codification of ethics has the following organization and the conviction which excellence and increasing progress in the adherence to business ethics is deployment:
  • Strengthening the spirit of faithfulness and sincerity as the main operating authority and credibility in the regional and international levels.
  • The consolidation and the establishment of principles of quality, safety and security.
  • Creating the right environment and reassuring relationship to draw customer satisfaction.
  • Company orientation in interaction with the contractual sides for clear and powerful.
  • Partner companies to develop confidence for investment in the form of concluding a memorandum of understanding